Speedin on Codeine   Bong, Liberia
Shut the ♥♥♥♥ up i'm listening to
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I can feel the wheel but I can't steer
When my thoughts become my biggest fear
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Schweg Jul 2 @ 6:51pm 
+rep has the big gay
Charli May 30 @ 7:39pm 
has a cute face IRL +rep
erichockemeyer May 9 @ 3:10pm 
those "arms" are small brothers, working with daggers instead of spears huh?
Бобби Хакер Apr 13 @ 4:08am 
+rep can feel the wheel but is physically unable to turn it
Бобби Хакер Apr 13 @ 4:04am 
+rep sMaccED JOANIE cRacC ssNACC bAAr :cozybethesda:
Flintstone Muscle Relaxers Apr 2 @ 11:47am 
-rep Grinding hours in Bannerlord while sleeping