Alex   Uganda
onter Oct 28 @ 2:04pm 
hey , could you lower the price of ST CLASSIC KNIFE SLAUGHTER ? i will buy it if we can work out a price
, ty
Vervaticus Oct 26 @ 7:43am 
★Joker Oct 6 @ 1:12pm 
+ rep
asdf Sep 15 @ 8:38am 
Heyo, I think you have the first knife I unboxed, which would be the the ST Sapphire Daggers with the higher float. I can't confirm the owner history with this particular knife, but when I search for the exact float value and pattern index on float db, you're profile is the only one that shows up. Check my inventory if you're up for a trade...
j1zzyS Sep 2 @ 4:16am 
Hi Nierit, I`m very interested in your AK-47 with Dignitas Holo Cologne 2014 stickers. Add me to discuss please :bbtgem:
Zemy4 Aug 25 @ 9:53pm 
Please add me as a friend, bro) I can't submit a request