New York, United States
Hey there!

My name is Nick!

I am a moderator of War3Evo Jailbreak since April 6, 2018!

I love TF2, mostly all I play, I’m im even into
competitive TF2!

If you’re going to add me randomly and I don’t know you very well, (unless it’s trading or competitive) chances are I will decline it, sorry!

Also, if you’re wondering, YES, I am a spy main.
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drangia! Jun 18 @ 3:44am 
danny... May 18 @ 8:15pm 
please nick
w+m1 Apr 27 @ 10:45am 
you w0t m8
Nick Apr 27 @ 10:21am 
shhh they're not supposed to know that !!!
w+m1 Apr 27 @ 10:19am 
w+m1 Apr 27 @ 10:16am 
are you dark and edgy sometimes like me?