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Unlocked Mar 7 @ 3:53am

Thanks for playing!

You won the game!
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:08am

Faith in the Light

Find the Light at the end of the Bridge.
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:09am

Keep going.

Progress in the Metro.
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:19am

Yes, it was yours.

Discover the secret room.
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:28am

Time tick ticks away.

Find all the clocks in the School level.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:32pm

There is actually nothing here.

Try to find meaning where there is none.
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:32am


Successfully reach the end of the platforms.
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:34am

Running away.

Run away from your fears.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:48pm


Choose Happiness as your purpose in life.
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:36am


Choose Creation as your purpose in life.
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 4:38am

I'm glad.

Survive the first run.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 1:59pm


Relaunch the game after the first run.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:08pm

Isn't this lovely?

Discover the Sunny City.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:25pm

Are you, really?

Get a different answer.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:27pm

I can see!

Discover the Sunny School.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:52pm

Always there for you..?

Reach the end of the second run.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:06pm

Oh, this is different.

Discover the Sunny Factory.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:00pm

No Escape

Try to exit the game by conventional means.
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:28pm


Put the ball in the goal.


Choose Fame as your purpose in life.


Choose Money as your purpose in life.


Choose Knowledge as your purpose in life.


Find your light.

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