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:] Nov 25 @ 10:44am 
I miss the old pugs, 6s from the 'Go pugs
Chill from the start pugs, not set on the roles pugs
I hate the new pugs, the faceit group ones
The rgl admin ruled ones, gone in the news pugs
I miss the sweet pugs, chill at the scene pugs
I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet puggers
See I founded pugs, it wasn't like any pugs
And now I look and look around and there's so many pugs
I used to love pugs, I used to love pugs
I even had the biggest group, I thought I was pugchamp
What if I made a song about pugs
Called "I Miss The Old pugs, " man that would be so cray
That's all it was pugs, we still love pugs
And I love you like tf2 loves pugs
scarfs Oct 11 @ 5:03pm 
HolyFuck Sep 11 @ 5:58pm 
[7:33 AM]
her humongous sussy bussy swingers vented amongusly as she yeeted herself down that slide suspiciously
pleaase acknowledge
Mr fortnite Mar 7 @ 9:23pm 
walrex sign my steam profile i am a fan of yours! :D
anyways Feb 24 @ 7:56pm 
tony Feb 11 @ 5:57pm 
ballsex LOOOOL