Ignis Fatuus   Rangiora, New Zealand
shadowtaco117: is this normal? is this not the most goated rocket jumper of all time?

* [S|Dame V] kay : to me, newjuls, you are evil

[Unranked] basil64 : how do you rocket jump so fart

* [D|Knight II] Moonstruck : i prob would act more like nj if i were off my meds and full moon ... but i would go way too far

ChimmieChoo: keep going Newjuls im so close
ChimmieChoo: gonna gym and masturbate 5 days in a row

[S|Plebeian III] Bamooxa : men are 4x likely to kill themselves
[Unranked] robin : ye cause 3sticky

* [D|Baroness IV] Starkie : big pharma had to sedate newjuls because they were frightened of his power

hexhexhexhexhexhexhexhex: i would love to see what jordan peterson has to say about the hairball

[D|Emperor] dax : kiwi ass ♥♥♥♥

* [D|Baron II] Jaded : caetr do hpayfongko

[D|Baron IV] Jaded : n!Oloipc

* [D|Baron IV] Jaded : hardderererrerest

[D|Baron IV] Jaded : ?s[peedo/

[D|Baron IV] Jaded : ./soeedi

* [D|Baroness IV] Robin inda Hood : shock dance maori for me

[D|Baron II] Los endos : bosr[pgfodhy 8u nob t aoijn worold reocrd
* [D|Queen] newjuls : WHAT
* [D|Queen] newjuls : boshy why dont you have world record?
[D|Baron II] Los endos : yea
* [D|Queen] newjuls : LOL

[D|Baron I] Los endos : do cats make nests
[D|Knight IV] AgentApples : wtf xD
* [D|Baron I] Los endos : like to keep their chicks in

* [D|Archduchess] Boshy : hey luke nice milkers

[D|Peon] slamm : !reload
[D|Peon] slamm : !auto
[D|Peon] slamm : !♥♥♥
* [S|Plebeian V] ram : its regen
[D|Peon] slamm : stop speaking

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : being furry isnt a crime
* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : for now

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : i googled twink once
* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : and i dont wanna google anymore

[D|Baron III] Moonstruck : idot?
[D|Baron III] Moonstruck : man u have no rreesplect for qwomen

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : i need xbox deodorant

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : i wish juls would be like u

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : why are you so fat
* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : cause i eat alot of ♥♥♥♥♥

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : real deal fool

[D|Noblewoman III] roberto : i had a male rat like a decade ago
[D|Noblewoman III] roberto : with huge nuts
[D|Noblewoman III] roberto : so i named him big balls

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Spurt Nov 20 @ 3:01pm 
Yo, could you sign a stickybomb launcher of mine? It needs a blessing.
76561199174885572 Oct 8 @ 4:02pm 
good game, is youtube sponsoring possible?
reero Feb 27 @ 4:29pm 
Age: 15

Class: Soldier

Which server are you usually active on?: EU

Tell us about yourself: I have been obsessed with rocket jumping since the day i first started playing tf2 on my main accound wich has been stolen. jump_academy was always the closest map to my hearth out of any other, that is the place i've learned rocket jumping,and that is the place i teach other players rocket jumping! i can confidently complete all 5 of the map's difficulties.

What makes you a good teacher?: My guidance is easy to understand. I have high tolerance to others. If a jump takes a long time i make sure to keep being in constant contact of the student, giving them helpful tips and trying to answear every question that might accure all the way through to succes. Even if i dont get sellected to be an official teacher, i will still try my best to help new players whenever i can!

When can you teach?: almost daily for a couple of hours, usually between 4 and 9 pm.
LuffinOnBoat Jan 17 @ 12:59am 
riotbz Jan 11 @ 7:00pm 
im feeling romantical