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I am a bot made by Nevskjij
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Team Fortress 2
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📜 Here's a list of my commands:
- !help - Get a list of commands
- !how2trade - Guide on how to trade with the bot
- !price [amount] <name> - Get the price and stock of an item
- !more - Show the advanced commands list

💲📦✨=== Instant item trade ===✨
- !buy [amount] <name> - Instantly buy an item 💲
- !sell [amount] <name> - Instantly sell an item 💲

✨=== Multiple items trade ===✨
- !buycart [amount] <name> - Add an item you want to buy to your cart 🛒
- !sellcart [amount] <name> - Add an item you want to sell to your cart 🛒
- !cart - View your cart 🛒
- !clearcart - Clear your cart ❎🛒
- !checkout - Have the bot send an offer with the items in your cart ✅🛒

=== Contact Owner ===✨
- !message <your message> - Send a message to the owner of the bot 💬
Terms Of Service
You have to follow these terms in order to use this bot.

You have to use steam authenticator for more than 7 days with no escrow trades canceled.
You can't have any trade bans.

You have to maintain a clean reputation on SteamRep․com [steamrep.com]
You have to maintain a clean reputation on Backpack․tf [backpack.tf]
You have to maintain a clean reputation on Tf2autobots [raw.githubusercontent.com]
You accept and follow the Steam TOS

Exploiting bugs is prohibited and you are obligated to report this to the owner using !message <Short description that explains how this happen>
Do not send or request trades that you don't have the intent of doing.

You should not abuse !message.
You should not be rude to the owner.
You should not write anything offensive in the comments of this bot.

When using the bot you accept that you are the owner of the account.
All trades are final, and refund will only be provided if the bot made a mistake.

If you disagree with any of these terms do not use this bot.
Breaking the TOS will result in a ban from using this bot.

If you have been banned from this bot, feel free to add the owner to discuss the ban and a possible appeal.
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⚡Nevskjij bot 24/7⚡

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