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As many of you might know(or not), this game is heavily compared to Undertale, and makes you ask: just why? I'm here to illuminate you(or not).

  • First of all, and I want to get this out of the way ASAP, both of the games have amazing character development. By the end of everything, you'll care for them more-so than your mother. You will LOVE THEM!!!, y'hear? However, might I say Lisa and Undertale take different approaches on this, but both work just fine. Now that this is done, moving on to the story.

  • Have you ever wanted to cry deeply from an emotional train wreck of a sentimental wild ride? Well if you're saying yes, which I know you are saying no right now you ♥♥♥♥ing liar, then Lisa is the game for you standalone. For maximum experience, play the Joyful afterwards, but I warn you, it's got boring gameplay. We'll get to that in a second. B-B-BUT WAIT, I hear you screaming with your Alphys emoticon in place, UNDERTALE HAS A GREAT STORY TOO!!1!1! Did I say anything about that yet? Then hold your horses. Undertale's story is not NEAR as sad as Lisa's. Unless you're doing Genocide, but by the time you get there, you'd have defeated "the easiest boss" and you'd be fuelled from the rage accumulated from your deaths more so than anything. Overall, the story gets a 10/10, no spoilers, don't ever get Fly Minetti if you want to ever face a challenge.

  • Onto the gameplay, this is the point that separates the two games: Lisa got a slightly modified Earthbound combat system, which goes on turns, whilst Undertale is more bullet-hell live action. There are some changes to the system, of course, let's say the "WASD" mechanic, where the character not only does extra damage this way, but can perform special moves too! I found this pretty damn awesome. In Undertale, you are all alone and can face up to 3 enemies, while in Lisa you can have a party of 4(including the main character of course) and you can confront up to 7-8 enemies at ONCE. A thing I forgot to add about the characters, every single one is unique, it's got something to keep him worth your time, giving you the the option to try again and again new combos of party members, adding up big time to the replayability. Speaking of which...

  • Undertale is pretty ♥♥♥♥ing short, a full nooby playthrough would take 6 hours to complete and all the other ones from that point ~4 hours. Now Lisa, hehehe, took me more than 14 hours to do the first playthrough standalone, all the other hours you see is from 2 other ones and a pain mode run+extra from The Joyful dlc. So yeah, quite a lot to do.

  • The exploration in this game is huge, there's a lot of secrets out there that require multiple playthroughs to see everything there is left to see. And this game is a platformer, no less, the last thing when thinking about one is huge.

  • As much as I like Lisa, its soundtrack(made by Widdly-2-Diddly btw), as really good as it is, it cannot compare to Toby Fox' masterpiece. However, I can safely say that W2D succeeded in creating atmospheric music, while Toby purely dominates every single boss battle theme ever. That's all I can say, really.

  • The choices, holy♥♥♥♥♥♥ the choices. There are few games out there where choices actually matter. What do I mean by this? First off: Undertale's choices consist of "you killed said thing, it stays dead". Other wise, the story remains unchanged, sure, you will not hear anything from said character, but what's the point if it changes nothing in the end? Second off: Lisa = sell dynamite to these 2 chaps for lotsa cash? *Sure. Later you find out a whole area has been raided and 2 potential party members have disappeared forever. WHOOPSIE! Yeah, those kinds of choices.

    tl;dr Bottom line: Lisa is an amazing game, and if you read all of my review 'till here, I don't want to put Undertale under(irony) a bad light, par none, I actually support it! I just made the comparison between the two so you can understand this game better and silence some of your questions, if any. Overall, this game is worth a solid 10/10, I bought this at full price and I have no remorse or regrets about it. I strongly recommend this if you want an RPG closest reassembling a full Earthbound experience. That b- OH ♥♥♥♥, FORGOT THE HUMOR PART

    Undertale: spagitii loel xDDDdDDDDD
    Lisa: le middle finger u mad loel xDDADDDdDdDd
    do did done
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Decent human 7.5/10
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Best Tibs of the year 10/10 Merry Christmas!