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==Memorable quotes==

Delsin Rowe: i hate that shit that relies on jump scares
Delsin Rowe: why cant they do something legit scary
Delsin Rowe: like overdue bills
Delsin Rowe: or forclosure
Nethero: Or finals
Nethero: Or the Bar Exam
Delsin Rowe: or bees
Nethero: Ok, maybe not that last one, that's a little too spooky
Delsin Rowe: bees 2 spooky
Nethero: Absolutely terrifying
Delsin Rowe: finals is terrifying
Delsin Rowe: imagine like
Delsin Rowe: vr movies
Delsin Rowe: and they have one
Delsin Rowe: where its like u didnt study for the finals
Delsin Rowe: thats scary as fuck
Nethero: And then the main character goes home
Nethero: And has a nightmare
Delsin Rowe: omg
Nethero: Of papers marked with Fs
Nethero: And restarting the course all over again
Nethero: Oh God, what have we created?
Delsin Rowe: oh fuck
Delsin Rowe: imagine
Delsin Rowe: there is
Delsin Rowe: another kid in class
Delsin Rowe: who is an asshole
Delsin Rowe: to the main character
Delsin Rowe: and he fails too
Nethero: Even his worst enemies aren't safe!
Delsin Rowe: so the main character is stuck repeating the class
Delsin Rowe: with this
Delsin Rowe: worst eneme
Delsin Rowe: I am surprized theres not a movie about this
Nethero: What if there is
Nethero: And it's kept locked away from humans
Delsin Rowe: there better be no happy ending
Delsin Rowe: like he doesnt become friends with the bully that doesnt make sence
Nethero: What if the whole movie just builds up the importance of this final exam which he spends the entire story trying to take on
Nethero: And the last scene of the movie he just fails
Nethero: Like he still couldn't do it
Delsin Rowe: then there is a sequal
Delsin Rowe: with all the failures
Delsin Rowe: from before
Delsin Rowe: and fresh meat
Delsin Rowe: who actually end up passing
Delsin Rowe: and leaving them behind
Delsin Rowe: oh man what if they end up like fucking 35 yr old neck beard failures
Nethero: But then it gets exaggerated to look like he's the only one still in his own grade
Nethero: Even worse
Nethero: If he's not a neckbeard and actually a normal hard-working average joe
Delsin Rowe: oh man
Delsin Rowe: that is worse
Nethero: So the story ends up being like a cautionary tale of what could actually happen to you
Delsin Rowe: that would be a legit horror movie
Delsin Rowe: and i would be afraid of failing anything ever
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