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Personal Achievements

On the First Day

Recruited eight archers
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 8:22am

By the Fourth Day

You hunted 40 or more critters.
Unlocked Jun 27 @ 12:20pm

On the Sixth Day

You had more gold than you could carry.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 7:39am

On the Seventh Day

You cleared an acre of land.
Unlocked Jun 27 @ 12:29pm

By the Eighth Day

You forged a new Crown
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 2:46pm

On the Ninth Day

You held a Gem
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 7:51am

By the Tenth Day

You destroyed a portal.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 9:24am

I am an Equestrian

Ride 4 different steeds on the same land
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 8:28am


Set fire to 20 greed with one flame barrel
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 3:39pm

The Student Becomes the Teacher

Beat a portal with a squire
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 9:07am

On the Second Day

You got free walls.

On the Third Day

You started your camp.

By the Fifth Day

You didn't kill anything.

Master of the Sea

Sail away before day 6!

Is a Hermit still a Hermit if they have friends?

Put 4 hermits on the same boat


I have 20 max-level towers on a single land

Playing with goo

Escape the cave with your crown in tact

Their Savior

Revive a Land after 200 days of decay

Safe Passage

Have lighthouses on all 5 lands

Easter Island

Clear all trees from a single land.

Beginning of a legend

Defeat the Greed on one land

Stories Have Begun

Defeat the Greed on two lands

Songs Will Be Written

Defeat the Greed on three lands

Legends Will Be Passed Down

Defeat the Greed on four lands

You have Sealed Your Reign In History

Defeat the Greed on all five lands

There Is No Greater Ruler Than Thou

Defeat the Greed from all five lands in a single reign

Never Gives Up

Retrieve your crown 300 times

A Journey Is Better Shared

Sail to another land in Coop 50 times

Cracked the Skull

Overcome the Greed on Skull Island

A New Heir

Lose your crown, but not your legacy.

The Four Horsemen

Summoned the four monarchs to the land of the dead.


Ride the Gamigin.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Recruit a Cat

Arm the Homeless

Convert a Beggar Camp into a Citizen House

Above and Beyond

Defeat the Greed on all 6 Lands


Unlock all Items of Power (Solve All Puzzles)