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Guys hello, my name is Yu Sak Kock, im 27 years old, i live in farmers village in China. Everyone in my village is silver elite, but me gold nove 2, so as you can see im pretty skilled player! I want to invite you join my csgo team to play in our local tournament. There will be more than 500 teams from all nearby villages, all games are best of 5. The grand prizo is 2 bags of rice and a goat.

Tilt Royale
Look, I'm tired of people like you. We play competitive to play serious and get better. Hence why it's called competitive. We all have fun taking the game seriously, knowing we will get better and win. But then there's fuckboys like you who troll and don't take anything seriously. It's fucking retarded when it's your rank up game that YOU earned but then dumbasses like this ruin it for you, and you have to start all over again just because your group of 4 people was missing 1. I can win 7 games in a row and finally reach silver elite master, until this fucking tool hops into OUR competitive environment. I wish I could get more than 40 kills each game to make up for fuckboy's like this who get 8 frags at best. You could go play any other game, but you decide to ruin a competitive enviornment, and ruin the experience for 9 other people. Jesus fucking christ, go play volleyball or something, dipshit.
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