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Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence...
and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content. 
- Hellen Keller

Sometimes our roles can change.
A teacher can become an adventurer.
A sidekick can become a leader.
A student can become a princess.
And sometimes, someone we hardly know...
..Can become a friend.

- Celestia
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PrinceWhateverer - False Crown

I sit upon this throne
Although I sit alone
Just know that I am prince of hearts

!!You're but a prince of liars

No one can bring me down
This head that holds my crown
I have been royal from the start

!!You will never be master of this house

I'm alright
!!It's all your fault
I'm okay
!!Liar liar
Dreaming of
!!It's all broken
Better days

I know that I'm a fraud
That I'm not meant to be
They see a shell of who I am
What would they say if they knew me

I know that I'm a fake
Imitation Royalty
I was a moth and you a flame
But now it's all on me

It's been this way for years
Kept smiling through the tears
I'll be a regal prince someday

!!Your life is an illusion

They talk behind my back
Of the bloodline that I lack
It will not always be this way

!!You'll always be a liar (no!)

I know that I'm a fraud
This is my final plea
I am a shell of who I was
What would you think if you saw me

I know that I'm a fake
Not really royalty
I touched the flames and I got burned
Is this the way I'm meant to be

And now it's all on me
Brother can't you see
You were my inspiration
Everything I was to be

Brother can't you see
I did this to me
Without you I became a shell of who I'm meant to be

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