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Pretty much useless at everything except: puzzle raffle creation, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Portal 2, Half-Life, Half-Life: Source, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Hacknet, Programming in Python 3.x, General programming, Maths, Brute-forcing puzzle raffles, Computer, Fixing router by turning it off and on again, Crashing the computer with overclocking, Burning CPU's with overclocking, Not being salty, Team Fortress 2 trading, Team Fortress 2 Competitive, Portal 2 Co-op, Turning the bass on my speakers to maximum setting and playing some bass boosted bass drops while making my whole desk shake, Listening to Kamikaze, Listening to Eminem, Listening to Hip-hop, Memes yeet, Sleeping, 100% Completing games, Being a perfectionist, Breaking ear-buds, Collecting stuff, Waiting for Steam sales, Waiting for Steam events, Playing chess, Using a yoyo, Eating any kind of food, Drinking any kind of drink, Making many typios, Spamming chats when I'm bored, Knowing a bunch of stuff related to AI, Knowing a bunch of stuff about Neural Networks, Spending too much time on the computer, Not cleaning my room, Not playing most games I have on Steam, Making my Steam account worth more by entering many giveaways, Making my Steam account worth more by getting many games on 100% discount, Minecraft, Minecraft Commands, Computer science, Using reddit too much, Using tweeter too much, Using youtube too much, Waking up early in the mornings, Trying to reach higher steam levels, Taking stuff too literally when I'm bored, Forget about things, Using ':P' too much, Not reading many books, Planning to buy a new PC for over a year, Getting insanely nostalgic while playing games from my childhood, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Half-Life: Lost Coast, Completing the Portal 3 ARG from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and realizing it's an easter egg after 4.5 hours wasted, Playing Valve games, Waiting for the last moment to study, Thinking that I'm good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after it's gone free even though I wanted to buy it a few days earlier, Getting hooked on stuff a lot, Being clumsy, Rethinking my whole life after playing The Beginner's Guide, Thinking too much about which game(s) should I buy, Listening to Joyner Lucas, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Using Linux Ubuntu 18.10, Switching from Windows to Linux, Having too much trouble installing Linux, Accidentally deleting the same project 3 times, Doing the same project 3 times, Switching back to Windows 10 from Linux Ubuntu 18.10, Switching back to Linux Ubuntu 19.04 from Windows 10, Realizing Token is better than both Eminem and Joyner Lucas, Switching between 2* profile images, Playing Minecraft 1.14 again, Actually buying the computer which I wanted to do for a long time, Waiting for the last minute to study, Listening to Logic, Being Legendary Eagle Master in Wingman Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Being Master Guardian 1 in Competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Getting a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive case which costs 3 euros and waiting for a few weeks for the price to drop and only then sell it instead of selling it immediately, Missing 1 task from the Spring Cleaning event, Waking up at - at most - 6 AM, Improving my American English pronunciation, Exploiting Steam's Grand Prix Summer Sale 2019 event to get free levels, Taking part in Discord's Hack Week, Realizing NF is better than Token, Listening to "When I Grow Up" by NF 24/7, Being disciplined, Doing push-ups, Doing crunches, Playing Neighbours from Hell, Being nice and not opening any crates while the 100% TF2 Unusual exploit was possible, Listening to The Search by NF, Using "Oof" too much, Actually sleeping from 6 to 11 AM oof, Doing the "Bring Sally Up" challenge, Trying to get rid of my acne, Counter-Strike, Using Deezer, Reaching the 4000 character limit, ...
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