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Jul 16 @ 2:52pm
In topic Reset
If you wish to delete your progress, you can find your savedata in the installation folder for Double Peace. I forgot where, but I believe the file extension is .sav.

Also, don't forget to disable Steam Cloud sync. I think your save progress is re-downloaded automatically if it's gone from the installation folder.
Jul 13 @ 7:45pm
In topic Gal*Gun 2 for PC confirmed!
Originally posted by Chouchers:
Originally posted by Shadowlord:
Voidu has confirmed the Gal*Gun 2 release for PC!

I've bought it, key can be activated on Steam, but I can't download yet. It's not listed in my games list, but I can see it in my activation history.
Likeis dead now
The link is region-locked, in a way. Find a proxy/VPN for Germany and visit the link again.
Jul 9 @ 2:47pm
In topic Gal*Gun 2 for PC confirmed!
Very good to know, Shadowlord!

For those in the US and elsewhere, it looks like GG2 on Voidu is currently region-locked. We might get more info later or a possible US/elsewhere release tomorrow (Tuesday), but for now this seals the deal.

And we have our own experiments to tend to once we can get a hold of something important.
Jul 2 @ 7:48pm
In topic Summer Fun mod is here!
Originally posted by BigFishDick:
how do we add this to our game?
If I recall, you just have to replace the relevant files found in GalGun Double Peace\GG2Game and GalGun Double Peace\GG2Game\CookedPC with the ones you've downloaded. I'm not the opening poster, but I did head up the group responsible for this mod, just to clear things up a bit.
Jul 1 @ 7:01am
In topic gal gun VR vs gal gun 2 difference ?
Essentially, Gal*Gun VR is an "Arcade" version of GG2, with less characters and no overarching storyline (or missions of a sort). We're aware of this due to certain GG2 assets being found in the .pak file of GGVR, along with only hair-pieces of the rest of the students/teachers that did not make it into GGVR but did make it into GG2.
Jun 29 @ 2:49pm
In topic Drifter 0.8.5 Coming Soon!
That's good to know, Colin. Thank you for not backing down from Drifter. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Originally posted by rocketprime:
I think I worded that wrong. By "new game" I meant starting over on the same save file after getting an ending.
Ah, I'm typing a bit fast. "New Game +" isn't a thing with the items you purchase throughout a save file's session, if that's what you're implying.
Sorry, but no. The purchases you make in one save file do not carry between playthroughs.
Jun 5 @ 11:53am
In topic subtitles
Originally posted by
wel ♥♥♥♥ then no subtitels ever game is done?!
Afraid so, MP. The game has been abandoned for 2 years, and promises of a patch were metaphorically shot out the window.
May 23 @ 6:55pm
In topic whats the ghosts weakpoint?
Originally posted by Biodeamon:
I tried the head, didn't work.
Just spamminng them with upgraded shots seems to though
That's very strange. According to the built-in weakpoint chart for Yuko Yureino, it's set as
May 23 @ 3:41pm
In topic whats the ghosts weakpoint?
I think, for Yuko Yureino, the head is her weakpoint.
As a note, this request has been fulfilled. I have contacted the Opening Poster yesterday and got them an updated AppManifest.
May 13 @ 12:09pm
In topic Skip Intro Logos file
Originally posted by Noire★(*≧▽≦)☆:
Is it possible to change the Movie loading Screen?
You mean the loading screen that comes up when you start up 4GO? From looking through the files, that particular one is just a .mp4. So I suppose replacing it with another .mp4 with the same name [Loading] would be sufficient. However, this is only a guess as I haven't tested that myself.

For the particular .mp4 file, it's located in steamapps\common\Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddesses Online\CyberdimensionNeptunia4GoddessesOnline\Content\Movies
Not so hidden, but yeah. It's mostly forgotten, except for those who bring up a reminder every now and again like yourself. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you.
Apr 26 @ 6:46pm
In topic Replayability
I care. And sadly, there will be no more updates to Gal*Gun VR.

What you were playing is a VR Arcade release of Gal*Gun 2, which was recently released in the US for Switch and PS4 consoles.

I'm not part of the team that made GGVR or GG2 (heck, I'm not a part of Inti), but I can say that GGVR is nothing more than a VR Arcade build of GG2 based solely on the files in the .pak.
Apr 23 @ 4:15am
In topic Avast Anti-virus hates this
It's more than likely a false positive. You can whitelist the application and send it in to Avast to confirm its legitimacy.
You mean the pink fog in the Punishment mini-games? There's a toggle for that in the form of a mod.
Originally posted by naruto-sannin2010:
Hello! Help to deal with the installation of your mod. I can't figure it out. I threw the file МА00000. pac on the data, but when you replace the original, the game in the rollers collapses and the dialog shows a black screen. If I return the original file, everything is fine. What could be the reason?
I'm not the opening poster, but I have been in contact with him. The reason that happens is because the PAC file doesn't match the EXE, which is why the black screen issue occurs.

It's recommended to get the latest version of Moero Chronicle to avoid this issue in the future. There is no mention of supporting older/previous versions of Moero Chronicle.
Apr 10 @ 3:51am
In topic Current state of modding
Originally posted by LionHamster:
What you're saying... is DP with a nude mod.
Well, that's already 'covered' (or uncovered at this point). It's part of the Valentines Day mod for Double Peace.
Mar 15 @ 8:29pm
In topic Skip Intro Logos file
Interesting to know that the logos themselves are contained in the "Sound" folder. Also, this appears to prove something interesting: You don't have to unpack the .pak file to have the game load the custom files. This new knowledge will help save hard drive space and time.
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