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Hobbyist mapper, coder and editor with a focus on Sound Design.

I sometimes make PAC3 cosmetics for Sunrust .
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After a good 1000 hours of this game, I think I can properly summarize the game into 8 points for each side.

【 Positive Eight 】
Play this if you:
• Enjoy first person shooters
• Enjoy the loot and shoot mechanics
• Appreciate art and aesthetics over game-play
• Can handle turbulent dry spells in regards to content
• Are social and can easily find a community and clan to call home
• Enjoy repetition and can dedicate good amounts of time to a single game
• Want to min/max every portion of your character and enjoy experimentation
• Can handle teammates making silly mistakes over and over again

【 Negative Eight 】
Do NOT play this if you:
• Can't handle the fear of missing out or are vulnerable to the sunk-cost fallacy.
• Are an obsessive completionist
• Are looking for a well polished PvP experience
• Prefer to play games solo
• Are a casual player with limited time
• Have mood swings |OR| you get toxic easily
• Expect story and lore to be told to you directly
• Want to farm for the perfect items and keep them forever

Being a new lighter, I hadn't experienced the ups and downs along the game's life-cycle (despite trying the beta ages ago), so I don't have a complete history.

I can, however say that if you haven't played the game from the beginning, you will be missing out on a large chunk of items and assorted pieces of your in-game 'collection'. This doesn't bother me fortunately, but has come up and will come up more in the coming years as the Destiny Content Vault[] rotates pieces of legacy content out of the game.

It's a fun little hamster wheel to play with friends, no doubt about that. I never thought I would enjoy doing raids, but after meeting a few clans I've had my fill of fun with tight communication and game-play.

I am, however rather conflicted when it comes to loot you gather. The weapons and armor you gather and invest resources into all are being given expiry dates of nearly a year, however a good portion of the game is marching straight into obsolescence and will no longer find use in endgame activities such as future raids, dungeons, and the Trials of Osiris.

Take of that what you will, things will surely be turbulent in the coming years, with another expansion pack coming in September.

Watch the game carefully, but more importantly make sure to have fun!

Alchemist Jul 24 @ 1:11pm 
Slime girl go, gooo.
Captain Izayoi Jun 30 @ 8:33am 
Okay go with me on this adventure. Instead of an organization interested in you, how about a Cappu interested in you

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this one is pretty c-cute, cool too
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