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COBAL-T Model 23 Mainframe

This is rework of my old version.
- Display was replaced from old white unreadable to a new green version
- Added some extrude details at a front side
- Added internal texture
- Added a second smaller grid behind the fir
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Status - Pending, Created by - NecroVacuum
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DaddyWangMan Aug 15 @ 1:54pm 
stop talking in communism before i deduct your good boy points
NecroVacuum Aug 15 @ 9:59am 
Сам жду
el_marodero Aug 15 @ 5:22am 
ну когда уже фридж рассмотрят?( :rawfood::waterdrop:
Redjevel Aug 8 @ 1:00pm 
Love the fridge!
DaddyWangMan Jun 7 @ 2:21pm 
>Be at burger king
>they have $1.49 for 10 nugget deal
>this means i can order more nuggies!
>time to load up
>decide to get 200
>make ma-ma do the conversion from USD to GBP
>scarf down my nuggers n'sauce while ma-ma plays Candy crush on her phone (♥♥♥♥♥♥ pleb game)
>mum tells me to slow down else i get a tumtum ache
>stupid ♥♥♥♥♥ thinks she can tell me what to do
>later that night i wake up with a big hurty poo
>rush waddle to the bathroom
>trip and fall before i reach toilet
>laying on the bathroom floor crying my eye out and pooping all over the floor
>1 hour later i clean myself up in the toilet bowl and wake up mommy to clean my poopies
>didn't get my 50 GBP for sleeping through night
>lose the 30 daily GBP bonus i get for keeping my poopoos in the toilet
>can't go to sleep now
>do peepeefun rubby-squirty on the Baby Bop pages of my Barney and Friends picture book
>miss the pages and get pee-pee mayonnaise all over my bedsheets
>mums gonna take away the rest of my GBP for this
Kuulakana420 [HACKED] May 28 @ 6:21pm