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This is cRPG with good story, great dialogs, big dose of humour, difficult tactical fight and many skills, spells and items.
Does good RPG game need more to be good? Probably not, but this is not a good game, this is great game, so it offers all of it and a lot more! Let's mention also great sound and graphics, smart AI, crafting and full voice acting. I mean FULL, so in this game rats can talk and even bull can be fortune-teller!
But it's still not the end, I haven't mentioned two biggest features.
First is that in this game you control two main heroes, instead of one as usual. They may have totally different opinions and argue with each other during making decisions. How it affects on the game? Character you don't agree with, may win an argument and make decision you didn't want to make! Almost like in real tabletop RPG games with real players. Brilliant!
Second thing is fight. You may interact with environment and use the elements in many combinations, so you can bring the rain, freeze it to slipped enemies, turn the ice back to water and then into steam which may be electrified by lightning and shock lying enemies. But make sure that your characters are far enough during all of that. This is complete change of rules!
So on the one hand we've got difficult old-school RPG with tons of dialogs, but on the other, this game offers more than just evolution to the genre.
I do not hestiate to say that this game is more revolution than evolution!

MUST HAVE for every RPG fan!
But if you're modern action player, I need to warn you. This is difficult game with lot of dialogs, so it may be boring for some people.
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Yes, this is real game graphics, sometimes I still can't belive what I see :)
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+REP Necrolophous[PL] is an amazing trader, recommended!
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