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Personal Achievements

Novice Survivor

Survived level 1
Unlocked May 2, 2014 @ 9:57am

The Untouchable

Completed a level without getting hurt

The Honourable Survivor

Has completed the game

The Hardcore Survivor

Completed the game without using any personal emergency teleporters

The Attention Master

Found 75% of secrets generated in one run

Heavy Weapons Engineer

Has made a minigun

Steroid Monster

Has had 150 hitpoints

The Firm Index Finger

Fire 100 or more shots with a 75% or better accuracy during a single level.

The Master Survivor

Completed the game in one run, starting from the first level.


Has been under the influence of ingame legal stimulants more than 50% during a game run

Release Them From Pain

Kill 500 zombies
8 / 500

Release Them From Pain II

Kill 1000 zombies
500 / 1,000

Release Them From Pain III

Kill 3000 zombies
1,000 / 3,000

Death Pudding Matador

Has lured 50 zombies to Teleglitch anomaly.
0 / 50

Bomberman I

Has killed 100 opponents with bombs
1 / 100

Bomberman II

Has killed 500 opponents with bombs
100 / 500

Bomberman III

Has killed 1000 opponents with bombs
500 / 1,000

Knife Berserker

Has killed a Red Commander war robot with a knife

Straight to the core

Destroy the final boss in less than 10 seconds

Damage Enthusiast

Kill 50 monsters in 5 seconds

Did Not Become Eaten by Plankton

Survived level 2

Living Meat beats Dead Meat

Survived level 3

Reactivated Product Handler

Survived level 4

Meat that Survived the Sawhouse

Survived level 5

Did Not Become Part of Damage Statistics

Survived level 6

Robots did not kill me

Survived level 7

So Far So Good

Survived level 8

Advanced Survivor

Survived level 9


Survived level 10

I know Railgun Physics

Constructed a railgun


Has built 100 items
12 / 100

Survived Heavy Testing

Defeated the main opponents at level 5

Snake killer

Defeated the Heavy Destroyer Snake

Rocket dodger

Defeated main opponent at level 8

Eye for an Eye

Has killed 5 squids with lasers
0 / 5

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