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We Got the Megatome

Retrieve the burdensome book of sinister sworcery from the darkness beneath Mingi Taw.

The Ballad of the Space Babies

Summon a slumbering sylvan sprite & send it skyward.

The Gold Trigon

Tame the cosmic geometry of The Gold Trigon in a sunlit meadow where angry bird sculptures loom.

The Dark Moon Trigon

Despite everything, tame the Dark Moon Trigon in a rain-soaked forest during a storm of thunder & lightning.

Assemble the Trigon Trifecta

Complete the three trigons in The Dark Moon Rock Show.


Complete the Scythian's woeful errand without cheating.

Monster Hunter

Find & somehow slay at least 7 lagomorphs, you jerk.

The Grizzled Boor

Feel free to take this opportunity to secretly self-identify as a principled, loving individual or a violent psychopath.

The Mushroom Kingdom

Experience the strange insight offered by a divinatory mushroom.

Cheating Cheater

Adjust your computer's date/time settings to access other moon phases & thus feel profound shame.


It has been said that something lurks within the White Stag of Scythia, wherever/whenever/whatever that might be.

The Moon Grotto

Use the Grizzled Boor's key to open the locked door to you-know-where.

The Bright Moon Trigon

Be awesome, get the Bright Moon Trigon from beneath an impossible island in the centre of a placid lake.

Now We Are Cosmic Friends Forever

Upload the Megatome at the summit of Mingi Taw & complete the Scythian's woeful errand.