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Personal Achievements

Core Guardian

Get 100 perfect rounds.

Boom Baby

Kill 2 enemies with a single Bomb.

Skill Master

Beat a wave with only skills and blocks.

Tower Master

Complete a level without using any skills.


Hit 10 enemies with Thunderbolt.

Put It Down

Kill a Walker with an Anti Air Tower.

Line Em' Up

Kill 10 enemies in a single Penentrator shot.

I Hate Maize

Have no blocks at the end of a level.

One Small Step

Complete one level.


Clear the Training Area.

Ruin Ranger

Clear Brightholme Industries.

Environmental Expert

Clear the Facility Compound

Aerial Ace

Clear the Hydro Islands.

He Wasn't So Tough

Kill a Huge Walker.

Now We're Talkin'

Unlock all tower and skill slots.

Look Mom I Did It!

Kill a Big Walker.

Bring It On

Beat a level on Hard.

Done and Done

Beat all levels on Normal.

Alpha as Fudge

Kill the Patriarch.

It's Fast, but I'm Faster

Kill the Charger and all its clones.

I Hold Everything!

Unlock all towers and skills.

Hero of Elysion

Beat all levels on Hard.

Golden Idol

Kill the golden Walker.


Get all stars in all levels on Hard difficulty.


Kill 10.000 Walkers.


Kill 10 enemies with a single shot

Exalted Elysion

Clear Elysion