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Your Last Chance to Chicken Out

Complete Basic Braining.

A Victory for Good Taste

Complete Sasha’s Shooting Gallery.

Rolling Rock Star

Complete Milla’s Dance Party.

For Insurance Reasons

Complete Lungfishopolis.

Time to Deliver the Milk

Complete The Milkman Conspiracy.

You're All So Kind

Complete Gloria’s Theater.

Thanks for All the Snails

Complete Waterloo World.

I Always Loved You More

Complete Black Velvetopia.

Height of Insanity

Complete The Asylum.

I Thought That Was Unbeatable!

Complete Meat Circus.

Junior PSI Cadet

Achieve Rank 20.

Regular PSI Cadet

Achieve Rank 40.

Advanced PSI Cadet

Achieve Rank 60.

Super PSI Cadet

Achieve Rank 80.

Math is Hard

Achieve Rank 101.

Happy Bags

Sort all Emotional Baggage.

No More Secrets

Crack all Vaults.

Figgy Piggy

Gather all Figments.

They Should Totally Sell Those

Earn all Merit Badges.

They Call Me the Hunter

Redeem all 16 Scavenger Hunt Items.

I'm Gonna Live Forever

Find all Golden Helmets.

No Solid Food for Six Hours

Re-brain the Children.

Look at those Pansies!

Find Edgar's Secret Garden.

I'm Sure She's Over It

Uncover Milla's Secret.

I Think They Were Impressed

Introduce all Camp Kids to Mr. Pokeylope.

Self Aware

See yourself through the eyes of many others.

Victory Tour

Revisit all brains after completion.

Mmm… Bacon!

Use the bacon. A lot.


Complete the Punchy Target mini-game.

Wolpaw Says Thanks

Hear Vernon's Ghost Story.

Made Man

Witness Maloof's transformation.

Maybe It's the Hair

Spy on Bobby's love life.

Stump Speech

Give the Coach's speech on the stump.

Camp Gossip

Read many bulletin board messages.

A Slice of History

Discover the secret history of Whispering Rock.

Holiday Dinner

Cook and consume two different kinds of roast in one sitting.

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