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Personal Achievements

On the Hook

Rescued the Trapped Scientists.

Campaign Complete

Finished the Game on Any Difficulty.

Extreme Conditions

Finished the Game on Hard Difficulty.

Armed and Dangerous

First Weapon Upgrade Purchased.

Master Planter

Planted every Post.

Home Improvement

Purchase First Rig Upgrade.

Big Spender

Bought every Weapon and Rig Upgrade.


Fully Unlocked Bestiary.

Lost Log

Found a Log.

Heavy Reader

Found 50% of Logs.

Master Cataloger

Found all Logs.

Killer Instinct

Finished Kovac's Quests.

History Lesson

Found a Memento.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Found all Mementos.

First Tag

Tagged an Albino Tarkaa.

Master Huntsman

Purchased all Ethologist Upgrades.

Lost and Found

Discovered the Lost Contractor's Fate.

A Winner Is You!

Won a Multiplayer Match.

Winning Habit

Won 25 Multiplayer Matches.

You're the best...AROUND!

Won every Scenario.

Feels Like The First Time

Perform your first Stealth Kill in a Multiplayer Game.

Deadly Catch

Delivered The T-Eng Canister 2 times during a multiplayer Outpost Scenario match.

Stop Stalking Me

Killed 20 Wardeyes during a multiplayer Research Lab Akrid Survival match.

Top Dog

Delivered the T-Eng Canister 3 times during a multiplayer Alpha Lair Scenario match.

Scorched Earth Policy

Destroyed Satellite Array.

Riding Shotgun

Get a kill while on the Battlecat.


Delivered the T-Eng Canister to win a multiplayer Quarantine Scenario match.

Big Bang

Unlocked Sphere Cell.

Sphere We Go

Unlocked 30 Sphere Cells.

Sphere Complete

Unlocked all Sphere Cells.

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