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Personal Achievements

It Floats Alright

Create a blueprint.


Create a fleet.

Party on International Waters

Finish a multiplayer match with four Players.


Add a friend to your friend list.

Survived the Fury

Complete the 'The Sinking of Charybdia' Challenge.

Killer of Giants

Complete the 'Defense of Outpost 77' Challenge.

The Cold Lady

Complete the 'Skirmish in the Floral Isles' Challenge.


Complete the 'Attack on the Strait of Labris' Challenge.

Rock Solid

Complete 'The Arctic Serpents' Mission 2 without losing any platforms.

Nipped at the Heels

Complete 'The Arctic Serpents' Mission 5 without destroying your pursuer.

Dreadnought Mastery

Complete the 'Battle of Triem' Challenge.

Atlas Crushed

Win a 4-player game where everyone is fielding the Atlas class exclusively.

You are Tiny.

Win a 4-player game where everyone is fielding the Buzzer class exclusively.

Just Like Trafalgar

Win a match without losing a ship.

Power Dunk

Hit three enemies with a single railgun shot.

Have One on Us

Finish the tutorial.

The Great Giant

Finish Mission 3 of The Arctic Serpents campaign.

You're a Wizard

Finish Mission 6 of The Arctic Serpents campaign.

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