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Personal Achievements

Bane of Life

Apply a total of 1,000,000 damage.

Looking for Trouble

Receive 500,000 damage points in one game.


Destroy 250 enemy armies.


Destroy 25 enemy troops in a row without replenishing your army.

High Mage

Inflict 500,000 magic damage over the course of the game.


Collect 75 artefacts and game items.

Valhalla's Favourite

Raise all Valkyries to level 3 before entering Demonis.

Valkyrie's Favourite

Raise all Valkyries to level 5.


Accumulate at least 10,000,000 gold.


Get the achievements "Bane of Life," "Fighter", "Butcher", "Cool Warrior" and "Looking for Trouble".


Get the achievements "Valhalla's Favorite", "High Mage", "Mad Courage", "Confident" and "Reckless Fighter".


Get the achievements "Greedy", "Collector", "Heartless", "Amateur Jeweler" and "Bane of Death".

Cool Warrior

Win 50 fights without using Rage skills.

Reckless Fighter

Win 50 fights without using the Spell Book.


Receive 15 medals (at least to 1 level).


Gain all the talents in your class tree (at least to level 1).

Master Player

Raise your character to the maximum level.

Amateur Jeweler

Collect 250 chests during your travels.

Friend of Dwarves

Perform all major and minor quests in New Kordar.


Lose 10,000 troops.

God of War

Defeat Loki in 10 rounds.


Defeat Eric with the fewest allies.


Defeat the Undead Spider and all of its troops in under 15 rounds.

Bane of Death

Defeat Runorm and close the Dark Portal, losing no more than 30% of your forces, or without losing a single troop.

Mad Courage

Defeat Guilford in the final battle, without using your Spell Book.

Ragnarok's Messenger

Complete the game on Impossible difficulty.


Collect all items of the set.

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