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Personal Achievements

Grade A Student

Complete all Center 7 Exams without any strikes


Find all 6 hidden notes in Center 7

Golden Gun

Complete all fights without losing any health


Find all 3 extra ammo magazines

Space Cowboy

Find all 4 hidden Easter Egg Characters


Evade the Boryokudan rather than fight them

Stair master

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Good Samaritan

Heal the fellow Man on Barracus

Research Paper

Find all Database Articles

The Great Escape

Escape Center 7 without losing any health


Access the Memory Database in the Director’s Office in Center 7


Be able to control both Azriel & Delta-Six

Give me a Hard Copy

Analyze a photo using the terminal

Rue the Day

Complete the game once

Rue the Commentary

Complete the game once in Commentary mode