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Personal Achievements

Pea Shooter

Obtained the Polar Star!

Mr. Clean

Obtained the Bubbline!

Magic Missile

Obtained the Missile Launcher!

Girly Gun

Obtained the Machine Gun!

Don't Get Lost

Obtained the Map System!


Obtained the Life Pot!

Here's Johnny!

Obtained the Alien Medal!

What A Fun Guy!

Obtained Ma Pignon!

Wanna Fight?

Defeated Balrog!

Rabid Mimiga

Defeated Igor!

What Are YOU?!?

Defeated Balrog, again...

Huge Toad

Defeated Balfrog!

Mimiga Bodyguard

Defeated Curly...

Machine Monster

Defeated Omega!

Ghost in the Clinic

Defeated Puu Black!

Armored Feline

Defeated Monster X!

Rock Bustin'

Defeated Balrog, yet again...

Heart of the Island

Defeated the Core!

Big Fish

Defeated Ironhead!

Heavy Medal

Defeated the Red Ogre!


Defeated Misery!

House Call

Defeated the Doctor!

Muscle, MD.

Defeated the Muscle Doctor!

Evil to the Core

Defeated the Undead Core!

So easy, so so easy!

Completed Easy Mode

I Like It Hard!

Completed Hard Mode

Wind Fortress C Rank

Completed Wind Fortress in Less Than 7:00

Fish Preserve

Spared Eggfish

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Found and collected all Missile upgrades

Home, Sweet Home

Returned Mister Little back home

I'm Juggernaut...

Found and collected all Life Capsules

Kings of Power

Accumulated XX,XXX of damage

Merry Holiday Happy Euphemism

For the rest of us!

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