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Personal Achievements

Barista Brawler

Complete game with Ashley

Iron Savior

Complete game with Nick

Making the Dream Work

Complete game in co-op mode

Coffee forgin’

Complete stage 1

Straight Outta the Street

Complete stage 2

Strike Out

Complete stage 3

Riverside Savage

Complete stage 4

Country Punchkin

Complete stage 5/defeat Skinny Chestknee

Industrial Sabotage

Complete stage 6

Trippin' It up

Complete stage 7

Martian Maniacs

Complete stage 8

Search Your Feelings

Complete stage 9/defeat Darth B.

Effing Overlord

Complete stage 10/defeat Overlord

Straight Outta' the Park

Defeat bouncers in stage 3

AI Destroyer

Defeat robot boss in stage 6

You Can Probe me Any Time

Defeat Big Blue Alien boss in stage 8

Alien Anihilator

Defeat 25 aliens
0 / 25

Enemy Abductor

Defeat 25 enemies
0 / 25

Caffeine Addict

Earn enough energy points in minigame to earn a 1up

Coffee Chugger

Complete mini-game

Destructive Vandal

Destroy one of each type of breakable object

You've Done this Before

Earn an extra life from high score

I am Alien Chow

Lose 25 lives
0 / 25

Smurglian Scout

Complete the game thrice
0 / 3

I'm the Boss Now

Beat a boss with max health

Extra Cheese

Activate a level password

The Smell of Cheaters in the Morning

Activate a cheat code

Livin' it up

Collect 25 lives
0 / 25

I'm Invincible!

Collect 25 invincibility powerups
0 / 25


Collect 25 extra attack powerups
0 / 25


Achievement awarded to achievers who achieve all of the achievements


Complete game on Metal difficulty


Complete game on Death Metal difficulty

Metal Master

Complete Death Metal difficulty under 1 hour 15 minutes

Speed Metal

Complete Death Metal difficulty under 1 hour 30 minutes

Rocking the Metal Jesus

Complete Stage 4-2/defeat Metal Jesus Rocks

Repent, Sinner!

Complete Stage 8-2/defeat Alpha Omega Sin

Straight Outta the Street Act 2

Complete Stage 11

AI Destroyer Mark II

Complete Stage 11-2/defeat Gibletor again

Cog in the Machine

Complete Stage 12

Groupie Playa

Complete Stage 13

Head Banging

Complete Stage 13-2/defeat Metal Head boss

Mosh Pit

Complete Stage 14

Galactic Savior

Complete Stage 14-2/defeat Harvester


Make Metal Head Boss spawn 5 sets of enemies/play complete song within a single fight

Guitar Shredding

Use a Guitar weapon


Use a Grey Alien Arm weapon

Jared the Mayonaise

Kill 25 Mayo enemies
0 / 25