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One flew over the nut-job's nest

Pass your medical visit.

Crime and punishment

On the first try, you succeeded in convincing a lost soul to seek redemption by helping you.


Get your old reflexes back to make an elected official give in.

I am legend

See beneath the surface to convince a survivor to help you.

The Valsembor horror

Listen to two people tell you the story of a local legend.


Find out about the region's dark past.


Prove to the clinic staff that you're right despite everything.


Receive an old friend's congratulations by helping him before he asks you to.

The scriptwriter's nightmare

While exploring, perform 5 optional actions that influence your progress.

Grumpy old...

Get rebuffed three times by the same character.

A little tenderness, maybe...?

Tell one of your traveling companions how much you like them three times.

You call that cheating...?

Find 15 points on interest in items in your inventory.

Time to collect your thoughts

Think twice before speaking.


During a discussion, use an irrefutable argument that you obtained by exploring.

Friends for life

Become friends with two of the clinics old hands.

Brave… in good time!

Receive an elected official's moral support.

A word to the wise…

When solving a puzzle, find what's needed the first time around.

Master locksmith

When solving a puzzle, make a perfect duplicate on the first try.

Ice breaker

When solving a puzzle, start the mechanism you're asked to without stalling a single time.

Raiders of the lost temple

When trying to solve a puzzle, open the doors of a ruin with fewer than 20 manipulations.

Mobile communication

When solving a puzzle, you used a strange machine without putting out the fire you lit beforehand.

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