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Unlocked Sep 7 @ 5:16am

Welcome home, Sir

Richard met Simon.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:14am

Enjoy This Sunny Day

Adam brought John to the hospital.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 9:01am

Depressive Weekend

You finished the first chapter.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 9:29am

Sigmund Would Be Proud

Adam woke up from his dream.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 10:18am

The System Strikes Back

Richard survived the Doomsday raid.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 10:24am

Face to Face

Richard and Adam made contact.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 12:16pm

The Nanny

Adam was introduced to Sally.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 1:59pm

This is Insane

Lydia found a new home.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 3:40pm

Sea Anemone

Adam made his decision to stay.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 4:30pm

All Ties Cut

You finished the 4th chapter.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 5:05pm

A New Mankind

Richard listened to Kurtz' speech.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 5:23pm


Richard and Lydia went underground.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:12pm

No Place Like Home

Richard convinced John to come home.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:20pm

Wizard of Oz

John reached the big hall inside the Dome.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:35pm

Roll credits

Congratulations. You finished the game.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:04am

Supreme Chef

Adam served John his favorite meal.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 12:43pm

Knows No Lullaby

Adam didn't manage to make John tired.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 12:40pm

Robot Family

Adam allowed Sally to call him Adam.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:01am


Adam played his piano for more than 5 minutes.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:32am


Richard played the spinet for more than 5 minutes.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 2:47pm

Let My People Go

Simon saved more than half of his fellow robots.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:53pm

Not Real Anyway

City5 got destroyed.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:35pm

Behind Children's Eyes

City5 was downloaded into James.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:35pm

Family Reunion

Richard got James and Tracy back.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:53pm


Richard got his family back. Sort of.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 4:32pm

Science Rules!

You mixed a potion on the first try.


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