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Personal Achievements

Runic Enthusiasm

Collect 1000 runes.
0 / 1,000

Weight Gain 4000

Spend 4000 foods.
0 / 4,000

High On Dust

Bank 100 dusts in a single playthrough.
0 / 100

High Warlord of Dys

Win 1000 battles.
0 / 1,000

Respect My Authority!

Kill 700 Everguards.
0 / 700

I See Dead People

Kill 500 Undeads.
0 / 500

Officer Streak

Kill 20 Jarls.
0 / 20


Kill the Vorn King.


Kill the Vorn King 10 times.
0 / 10

Unending Adventure

Take 1000 quests.
0 / 1,000

Ambassador of Dys

Become Exalted with all races.
0 / 6

Crazy for Relics

Unlock all class trinkets.
0 / 36

Wanna See My Stamp Collection?

Unlock all neutral trinkets.
0 / 14

Keeper of the Armory

Unlock all weapons.
0 / 36

BBQ Time!

Unlock all classes.
0 / 7

Learning Never Exhausts the Mind

Unlock all utility skills.
0 / 45

Adventuring Just Became Too Mainstream

Unlock all companions.
0 / 32

Full House

Unlock everything.

This Is Only the Beginning

Beat the game.

This Is Only the Halfway

Beat the game with every class.
0 / 9


Visit every single island on the map.

Quite a Traveler

Visit every single inn on the map.

Personality Disorder

Acquire every persona in the game.
0 / 108

Life Is Boring Anyway

Play with every possible hero combination.


Kill the Everking with your last surviving party member.

Last Man Standing

Win a battle with the last surviving party member and 1 HP.

Diversity In The Workplace

Recruit 10 companions in a single playthrough.

Noone Can Stop Death

Resurrect an ally at Altar 7 times in a single playthrough.

Two Queens, All In

Recruit Pyromancer and Ice Maiden to the same party.

Ambitious Slayer

Hit a critical strike while applied with Blind and Chilled.

No Time to Get Better

Beat the game without upgrading your utility or weapon skills.

You Shall Pass

Meet Ezel.

The Hidden Beauty

Meet the Elf Queen as an ally.

Beards are NOT Overrated

Meet the Dwarf Tradelord as an ally.

For the Warchief!

Meet the Orc Warchief as an ally.

"Think Only of What Follows."

Meet the Goblin Freeman as an ally.

"Remember Who You Are"

Meet the Hollow Alpha as an ally.

Winter is Coming

Meet the Forsaken Redeemer as an ally.

I Like the Way You Die Boy

Kill the Vorn King with Hidden buff on you.

Caught In The Middle

Die with Retaliation or Bone Pore's damage.

At Least I Have Chicken

Reach the Citadel without a companion.

Run Forest Run!

Beat the game without using a mobility skill.

They See Me Trollin'

Kill all 6 troll types.

It Requires Finesse

Kill all enemy classes. (except Vorn King and Everking)

I'm On a Diet

Beat the game without buying food from bazaars, inns or trade-boats.


Upgrade a weapon part.

The Perfect Pupil

Upgrade a utility skill.

There Is a Toll In the Hallway

Destroy the first 3 Vorn ships that just came out from the portal.

I Personally Like It Sober

Beat the game without using Dust's speed boost.

It's Hammertime!

Maintain a party with 3 greathammer wielders.