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Meet Mick

You've met Mick. He knows a lot about fighting. You feel a connection between you.
Unlocked Jan 19, 2016 @ 11:41am

Meet Apu

You've met Apu. He's a shop owner. Does he ever sleep?
Unlocked Jan 19, 2016 @ 11:40am

Meet Silver

You've met Silver. He seems arrogant. I hope he'll teach you something.
Unlocked Jan 19, 2016 @ 11:43am

Meet Casey

You've met Casey. He used to be a sailor. Now he can be your employer. I think he is dangerous.
Unlocked Jan 19, 2016 @ 11:57am

Pizza eater

It tastes good. I see that you like it. But you should probably eat healthier food.
Unlocked Jan 19, 2016 @ 11:56am

First fight

Hm... you've just finished your first fight. Now you feel strange.
Unlocked Jan 19, 2016 @ 11:40am

Meet Tyler

You've met Tyler. He looks like a good guy. I think you should spend more time with him.

Prevention of a crime

You prevented a crime for the first time. I am proud of you!

Spicy pizza

Mmm... it's so tasty and spicy. I hope I'll try it someday.

Beat Bill

It was hard, but you kicked that green ass.

Beat Mark

Wow, his staff was really dangerous. But you've won! I could get used to that.

Beat Gabe

Passed...Would I be so lucky.

Beat Steve

Done! You really did it! Can I call you Dundee now?

5th Place

You've just taken 5th place in the league. Keep going!

Street fighter

You did it! You've won 5 times. I always believed in you!

Training results

Now your shape is better than ever! You look even better than me.

Ultimate fights

Now you can fight in the ultimate league. I am a little worried about possible injuries.

Take the challenge

The first bloody fight - done!

Ready to challenge

Yellow zone - done! Oh my.. I think it's getting really tough now.

Сrime Fighter

You've proven yourself as a true defender of your wallet! I think all criminals will avoid you now.

Trouble in Little China

There is no more trouble in Little China. No more chinese food for me.

Big Bobo

You've met Bobo. And you know what.. for the first time I have to admit that I was wrong.

The Don

You've met the Don. I can't even imagine how powerful he is.

The mobster

Now you're a part of Bobos gang! May I call you little Bobo now?


You've met Tyler's brother. He seems like a good guy, but you better be careful if you want to do business with him.

The silence

The neighborhood has become so peaceful and calm. But I still won't live here.

Professional Multi Card

The card is yours! Now we can earn money with your fists!

The Sound of Music

Bobo looks happy as child with his new hearing aid. I hope that he stops shouting now.

Triple B

You've beaten Big Bob! He doesn't need your clothes anymore. Now he needs some new teeth!

Prison Fight

Everything is arranged except for your pillow.

King of the Hill

Crime - prison - kick some ass - freedom !

Beat Ivangief

You've avenged your friend! And got the medallion back! Now you can return home.

The Medallion

You got the medallion! No strange power yet. Have you tried rubbing it?

The Island

You've done it! One last step before you face the Man in black.

The Champion

You are the World Champion now.

A friend

Roy is a good guy. You could really become friends.

Ultimate Champion

Now you are the Ultimate champion!

300 days

Beat the game in 300 days.

200 days

Beat the game in 200 days.


Complete the game on the hardcore difficulty

The Dark Fist

Now you are the Dark Fist! You're so cool.

Avenge Fluffy!

No one can hurt your cat!

The Power Armor

Now you have full power armor. You look tough!

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