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Personal Achievements

It's covered up for a reason

Get working on your Magnum Opus

The artist's impression

Collect a rat sketch

You might have a problem

Gather all drawings of rodents
0 / 16

It rings a bell

Discover an echo from the past

Whispers long forgotten

Recall every word you said
0 / 22

Scraps of love

Find a memento of your family

Immortalized in my heart

Gather all family mementos
0 / 16

Finishing touch

Complete a painting

I know what I want

Reach a conclusive ending

Artist's struggle

Embrace death for the first time

Inspired OCD

Search 100 drawers and cabinets
0 / 100

Art Connoisseur

Gaze at paintings for a total of an hour
0 / 3,600


Take a thousand steps
0 / 1,000

The Big Picture

Assemble all the puzzle pieces.

I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday

Recalled all your childhood memories.
0 / 8

This could be important

Read every note in the game.
0 / 24

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