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Personal Achievements


Make a 5 blocks combination

High Five

Make 100 repoker
0 / 100

Big Bang

Break 9 blocks with the same dinamite

Dangerous Liaisons

Kill your partner 20 times with the hammer
4 / 20

Area of effects

Kill your buddy with dinamite

Work Accident

Kill yourself with dinamite


Set 50 dinamite barrels
0 / 50


Break 50 blocks with the hammer
17 / 50


Defeat the Moleman

Back to Hogwarts

Derrota a los gemelos


Defeat the Titan


Defeat the Spider

Black Hawk Down

Defeat the Gyrocopter

Black Hawk Blown

Defeat the Girocopter with a Repoker

Piece of Cake!

Get to 2 minutes on Survival Mode

Let's Rock

Get to 5 minutes on Survival Mode

Damn I'm Good

Get to 7 minutes on Survival Mode

To the Sky

Finish the Story Mode


Break a block of each with the hammer

No chance

End a match without completing any challenge


Play a game on VS Mode

Random Fighters

Defeat 20 comrades on VS Mode
0 / 20

It's Over 9000

End a VS match with a Speed bar full and the other empty

Take this

Send a Repoker to your rival on VS Mode