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Personal Achievements

Earning Your Wings

Complete mission 0

Ace In A Day

Earn 5 air kills in one mission

You can be my wingman anytime

Complete a mission in co-op mode

Special Ops

Complete a custom mission

Auger In

Die from a crash

Good Stick

Complete a mission without taking damage

Good Sticks

Complete a co-op mission without either player taking damage

Fast Mover

Unlock all Fighters

Dot Chaser

Unlock all Interceptors

Mud Mover

Unlock all Bombers

Knife Fight

Kill an enemy aero at range 50 or less

Made It

Complete the game

Made It Together

Complete the game in co-op mode

Wild Blue Yonder

Clear the temperate islands

Desert Strike

Clear the arid islands


Clear the snowy islands

Aero Superiority

Unlock all technologies

Old School

Complete the game without upgrades

Sky Rogue

Complete the game using only the Rogue with its default loadout


Die 50 times

Bringing a Nuke to a Knife Fight

Kill an enemy aero with a bomb

Missile With A Man In It

Complete the game in under 40 minutes

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