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Alesha got 3 stars Aimed shot!

Steel rain!

Alesha got 3 stars Steel rain skill!

Real fast!

Alesha got 3 stars Quick archer skill!

Too clever...

Alesha got 3 stars Clever arrow

Shiny star

Alesha got 3 stars Blind arrow skill


Alesha got 3 stars Spun arrow skill!

Make them fear you!

Alesha got 3 stars Fearful arrow skill!

Bald band defeated!

Ilya defeated leader of the Bald Band!

Crazy Jumper!

Dobrynya got 3 stars Pole-vault skill!

Like a Thunder!

Dobrynya got 3 stars Thunderclap skill.

Roll 'n' roll.

Dobrynya got 3 stars Roll skill!

Sort out them all!

Dobrynya got 3 stars Spiral skill!

Lance knight.

Dobrynya got 3 stars Clever lance skill!

Too severe.

Dobrynya got 3 stars Stern club skill!

With atrocious face...

Dobrynya got 3 stars Offensive jerk skill!

Stunning man!

Ilya got 3 stars Stunning stroke skill!


Ilya got 3 stars Ram skill!

Throw them away!

Ilya got 3 stars Throw skill!

First space speed!

Ilya got 3 stars Launch a rocket skill!


Ilya got 3 stars Master fo fencing skill!

Double fun!

Ilya got 3 stars Double stroke skill!

Old-fashioned trick.

Ilya got 3 stars Turnstrick skill!

Red Head beated!

Dobrynya beated Red Head band leader!

Tavern defender!

Ilya defended crossroads tavern from bandits!

The villagers.

Alesha saved Wandered villagers!

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