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Personal Achievements

Rogue Unlike

Die once
Unlocked Dec 31, 2019 @ 6:38am

The First Ballad

Complete 25 core levels

Semi Final

Complete 50 core levels

The Darkest Couple of Hours

Complete 75 core levels

The Complete Works

Complete all core levels

Imperial March

Travel 1 mile

A Long Walk

Travel 3 miles

Warming Up

Play for 20 minutes

Light Reading

Read 25% of text in the core levels

Illuminated Manuscripts

Read 50% of text in the core levels

Compiled Texts

Read 75% of text in the core levels

Lore of the Things

Read 100% of the text in the core levels

Hidden in the shadow of Moses

Hide in 50 lockers in the core levels

Leaps of faith

Jump 25 walls in the core levels

Because it’ll hurt more

Stun enemies 100 times in the core levels

Always the Taffer

Be seen by enemies 300 times in the core levels

Arcade Flynn

Die 200 times

Be Heard

Fire the bugle 50 times in core levels

Enjoy your trip

Place 20 follies in core levels

If it bleeds...

Go invisible 30 times in core levels

Ghost from the...

Fire 40 figments in core levels

Agent 48

Wear a disguise 100 times in core levels


Use every gadget in the core levels

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