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Personal Achievements

Monsters' Bane

Kill 1000 enemies.
0 / 1,000

Carnage Incarnate

Kill 10000 enemies.
0 / 10,000

Irresistible Force

Deal 10.000 damage with a single attack against a single enemy.
0 / 10,000

Tough Cookie

Survive 1.000 damage from a single attack.
0 / 1,000

Just a sip

Drink 100 potions.
0 / 100

Sarge, he keeps coming back!

Spend 100.000 Gold on resurrections.
0 / 100,000

You can be smart...

Reach 100 Willpower.
0 / 100

You can be fast...

Reach 100 Dexterity.
0 / 100

You can be strong...

Reach 100 Body.
0 / 100

...but its easier to be just lucky!

Reach 100 Luck.
0 / 100


Reach 100 with all four statistics accross any number of characters.

Forgotten knowledge

Reach level 30 with an Elementalist or Umbralist (character classes).

Steam Lord

Reach level 30 with a Constructor or Phlogistoneer (character classes).

Just a good ole' hunter

Reach level 30 with a Bounty Hunter or Protector (character classes).

Circle Unbroken

Complete the "Forgotten Knowledge", "Steam Lord" and "Just a Good ole' hunter" achievements.

Million Gold Baby

Equip all of Katarina's item slots with a Set item.

Easy come, easy go

Spend 1 million Gold.
0 / 1,000,000

Greedy as a pig

Buy a Set or Godlike quality item from the Pigazus.

Atta Dog

Complete 5 Hunting Ground with your Chimera.
0 / 5

Traps are just so cool!

Build 50 traps with the same character across all tower defense maps.
0 / 50

Let loose the ghost of war

Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss.

I'm so Hardcore!

Finish the game in Hardcore mode.

Requiem for a dream

Die with a level 20 or higher hardcore character.

Success with clean hands

Complete a Tower Defense campaign map without killing a single monster directly - kill with traps only!

Tough as a coffin nail

Complete a Scenario without dying on Fearless difficulty.

Ragtag Hero

Complete a Scenario without equipped Cape, Armor, Gloves and Boots on Fearless difficulty.

Simple ways

Complete a Scenario without using any Powerups on Fearless difficulty.

You'll Never Walk Alone

Play with 20 different people in any multiplayer game mode.
0 / 20

Real life is overrated

Complete 20 single player Scenario in the game.
0 / 20

The Grim Reaper himself

Kill 500 enemy player in any PvP game mode.
0 / 500

Public enemy number one

Win a game in every available multiplayer PvP game mode.

Hunter of hunters

Kill 100 Champion, Elite or Boss in Scenarios.
0 / 100

Glory of a legend

Earn 250.000 Reputation.
0 / 250,000

A good catch

Collect 25 million gold with any character.
0 / 25,000,000

The Core

Finish 20 PVP games.
0 / 20

One in a million

Complete every Challenge Achievement in the game.

25 hidden achievements remaining

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