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Ex's Wrath

Get killed by Vivian and Salvadore.

Blatant Snooper

Take advantage of your friendship with Helga.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do

Deliberately go against Tabatha’s wishes.

What IS Down There?

Look down the hole in Pleasure’s.

Horrid Family Portraits

Find the rather disturbing painting of your Father-In-Law.

Father of the Bride

Find the book “How to Be the Bride’s Father”.

The Philosophical Slime

Interact with the Philosophical Slime.

A Friendly Brawl

Fight Leonarda.

A Gallant Defense

Fight Dei Caprillo.

Feeling Kitty Ripped Off

Retrieve Henry’s Cat.

Pretty Two-Faced

Accept and then back out of a deal with Fargo’s Hooker.

Finally At Peace

Avenge Tabatha's husband, Benjamin Smith.

An Unworn Wedding Dress

Confront Ganguro’s Ex-Fiancé.

And Now They're A Couple?

Get Ashesh and Malika together.

This is Why Everyone Hates Escort Missions

Escort Scourge's crystal delivery.

A Lifetime Ago

Listen to Morkar’s account of what happened to Ganguro.

The Great Teleportation Scam

Get ripped off by the Teleportation Fairy.

An Odd Match

Find a Bride for Frankfert the Odd.

The Real Rat

Defend the Rattled Man from a rat infestation.

Impromptu Proposal

Help Smith confess his love for Prisilla.

Shameless Snooper

Invade Prisilla’s privacy obsessively to the point where you get kicked out.

Demo Finisher

Play the game past the point where the demo ended.

Deliberate Diary Reader

Attempt to read Ganguro Manba’s diary.

Natural Selection Advocate

Try to let Aline get eaten by wolves.

Toxic Temper

Get killed by the Stressed Chef.

Backstabbing Goodie-Two-Shoes

Get killed by Fargo.

Death By Mysterious Circumstances

Get killed by ???.

And The Fourth Wall Crumbles

Talk to ???.

The Price of Freedom

Free Lazarus from his debt to Salvadore.

Daddy Issues

Discover Helga's bitter relationship with her father.

Happily Ever After

Marry Vivian.

Evil Never Rests

Find out that Henry was the villain all along!

Did Lazarus Even Become Human Again?

Prove that you were 100% crazy the whole time.

Hipster Kalymn

Sleep through Quinta’s Party.

An Evening Well Spent

Spend the evening with Helga.

Affectionate Healing

Run away with Quinta.

A Goal Worth Working Towards

Work towards winning Quinta’s father’s favour.

She Trusted You...

Watch the execution.

There Were No Survivors...

Get the entire village slaughtered.

Forever Alone

Decide that you're better off living life by yourself.


Confess your feelings to Quinta only to be flat out rejected.

The Dawn's Sickle

Defeat the first monster.

The Gungnir Spear

Defeat the second monster.

My Black Lady

Defeat the third monster.

The Yin and Yang Claws

Defeat the fourth monster.

The Bow of the Guardian and Staff of Dominion

Defeat the fifth and final monster.