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Get 'um piled up

Kill 15 specimens with one Plasma Bomb.

Burn it!

Kill 200 Husks and unlock the ability to use incendiary rounds.

Advanged Gunner

Kill 25000 Specimens and unlock Advanced Gunner rank, and 20 customization points.

Alliance Captain

Kill 50000 Specimens and unlock Alliance Captain rank, and 30 customization points.

Supreme Commander

Kill 100000 Specimens and unlock Supreme Commander rank, and 40 customization points.

Kill them faster

Kill 500 Specimens with the Sniper Rifle and get 17.5% faster rate of fire.

Kill them even faster

Kill 2000 Specimens with the Sniper Rifle and get 35% faster rate of fire.

Rocket science

Kill 2000 Specimens with the Rocket Launcher and get nuclear rockets.

Big boom!

Kill 1000 Specimens with Grenades and unlock nuclear grenades.

I'm out of ammo

Use the ammobox 100 times and get additional ammo.

Alliance 1 - 0 Zombies

Kill the Patriarch.

You're a veteran

Survive a game at suicidal difficulty.

Lucky damage

Inflict 10000 damage without dying.

Damage dealer

Inflict 40000 damage without dying.

Crawler Champion

Kill a Crawler Champion.

Clot Champion

Kill a Clot Champion.

Gorefast Champion

Kill a Gorefast Champion.

Stalker Champion

Kill a Stalker Champion.

Siren Champion

Kill a Siren Champion.

Bloat Champion

Kill a Bloat Champion.

Husk Champion

Kill a Husk Champion.

Scrake Champion

Kill a Scrake Champion.

Fleshpound Champion

Kill a Fleshpound Champion.

Those damn turrets

Destroy a turret with the Rocket Launcher.

You're a teamplayer

As a medic heal you teammates in one round with 500 health.

Call the backup

Stun a turret using EMP.

Setup the defence

Build atleast 3 turrets in one round.

Take over the Alliance

Complete an objective.

Feel my rifle butt

Kill 50 specimens with the melee attack.

Black Eye'd Fleshpound

Kill a fleshpound with the melee attack.