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Personal Achievements

Humble Beginnings

Finish the Tutorial

Hero of Saba

Finish Chapter 1

Friends in High Places

Finish Chapter 2

Cities of Stone

Finish Chapter 3

Colonies of Rome

Finish Chapter 4

Returning Home

Finish Chapter 5

Dromedary Breeder

Have at least 6 dromedaries in your caravan.

Horse Lord

Have at least 6 horses in your caravan.

Spice Girls

Have a Trader, Rogue, Sage, Scout and Mercenary, each female, while carrying 5 spices.

Noahs Caravan

Own 2 animals of each kind.

Three Wise Men

Have 3 male heroes, while carrying gold, myrrh and frankincense.


Have one hero of each profession in your caravan.

Filled To The Brim

Carry at least 20 items while not being overburdened.


Have three heroes of the same profession in your caravan.