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No more TPS Reports

Complete "The Office" section of the game.

Research & Death

Complete "The Lab" section of the game.

Mission Complete

Complete "The HQ" section of the game.

Lab Accidents

Complete "The Lab" section of the game with the Genocide bonus on every level.


Complete "The HQ" section of the game with the Genocide bonus.

I F**king love science

Complete "The Lab" section of the game with the Gandhi´s Ghost bonus on every level.


Complete "The HQ" section of the game with the Gandhi´s Ghost bonus.

Proved your awesomness

Finish the game.

Easier said than done.

Get the highest score possible on every level.


Max out any weapon.


Finish level 12 using only the gun.

Fried E.V.I.L.

Electrocute an enemy by hacking the electric floor with a Hack Grenade.


Earn a total of 10,000 Magnificents.

Middle class

Earn a total of 25,000 Magnificents.


Earn a total of 50,000 Magnificents.

One Percenter

Earn a total of 100,000 Magnificents.

Big Spender

Spend some Magnificents at the store.

Maxed Out

Max any stat of any weapon.

Sharing is fun

Play the Tutorial 5 times.


Finish Level 1 Using only the RPG.

Guns don´t kill people I

Agent Awesome kills people.

Guns don´t kill people II

And dogs, and aliens.

Guns don´t kill people III

And cyborgs and sharks.

Guns don´t kill people IV

Basically Agent Awesome kills everything.

A god amongst men

Whoa, that was amazing. You should Youtube that shit.


We get it, you need magnificents, but there are other 11 levels you can farm.


Literally nothing should be able to stop you now.

Intelligent Life Detected

Congratulations, you are not dumb.

Action Movie Cliché

Well that was exciting.


You just shot a dog dude, what´s wrong with you?

Japanese Heritage

Tonight I dine on Fin Soup

PETA will be mad

Koalas cuteness levels drop to zero when they try and kill you.

Tottally not racism.

Seriousy, we hate racism.

Anita will be pissed.

Just, no death threats time please.

I F**king hate science.

That guy was researching a cure for Ebola asshole.


Well, that guy is definetly not having an open casket.

Bacon Madness

If you where smelling Bacon you would have done the same.

Circus Act

Right between the eyes !


Damn fine spywork.