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Personal Achievements

Ashes to Ashes

Completely disintegrate an enemy!

Battle Lost

You have been defeated!

Black Ops

Shadow Clan assault!

Chess Master

Find the secret chessboard!

From Hell With Love

Escape from the Underworld!

Golems Master

Learn how to control mighty golems!


You have detonated a goblin sapper!

Puppet Master

Take control over enemy!

Purple Heart

Your hero has been hurt! Please don't cry!

Rage Of The Cow

Persuade a minotaur to join your party!


Read the whole game guide!

Great Summoner

Summon a mighty demon lord!

The Taming Of The Shrew

Complete The Demon's Lover campaign!


You have hoarded 10000 Gold coins!


Complete The Horde campaign!

Death Seeker

Win any campaign on Death Seeker dificulty. Good luck!


Upgrade any unit to Elite!


Find hidden Mimic!


Slay a pig!

Good Shave

Own Razor Edge blade!

Summer Sale!

Play during Summer Sale!

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