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Fork Parker

Just being Fork Parker is an achievement... Congratulations!

Profits Are Down

This is Fork Parker's Holiday Profit Hike. Prepare to die.

Fork Parkour

Zip around the mountain... in style.

Base Camp

Reach the first checkpoint.

The real Fork Parker starts here.

Make it halfway up the mountain.

Next time, hire a contractor.

Reach the summit, but lose money.

How the Fork saved Devolver

Reach the summit with a positive balance.

Deep Pockets

Hold $100,000 at once.

Slush Funds

Reach the summit with $400,000 or more.


Collect all of the money in one run. All of it.

Possible Immortality

Beat the game with less than ten deaths.

Definite Immortality

Beat the game with no deaths.

Time is Money

Ascend the mountain in less than twelve minutes.


Acquire a golden egg.

HR Violation

Land on an enemy's head.

Vertical Integration

Land on fifteen enemies' heads.

Silver Lining

Bounce off of a snowball.