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Personal Achievements

First Blood

Defeat your first enemy.

Dark as my Soul

Evade an attack by the use of Concealed.

Tubes of Yu

Listen to Layment, the travelling musicians.

Staying Alive

Survive through 3 dungeons in a row.

For Love and Justice

Revive 3 fallen heroes during one adventure.

Addicted to Red

Use 50 potions during one adventure.

Drink Responsibly!

Drink 100 glasses of beer during one adventure.


Defeat the boss of the Arcane Armory.

Toxic Pears

Defeat the boss of The Boneyard.

Ding dong, the witch is dead...

Defeat the boss of the Byting Woods.


Defeat the boss of the Cyclopean Pyramid.

Random Randoom

Defeat the boss of the Randoom Meteorite.


Defeat the boss of the Gates of Ashtur.

Hairy Feet

Help Mustachio on his path to self-fulfillment.


Help Captain Capslock on his path to self-fulfillment.

I'm Blue da ba di...

Help Sapphire on her path to self-fulfillment.

Strike the Earth!

Help Shroom on his path to self-fulfillment.

Foreign Affairs

Help Jindid on his path to self-fulfillment.

R u a Wizard?

Finish a complete adventure without dying once.

Kill Death Himself

Defeat the captor of souls himself.

Large and Hairy

Defeat the boss of the Goblin Outpost.

Blind Beauty

Defeat the boss of the Sunken Empire.

Viking Voyage

Defeat the boss of the Stormy Peaks.

Jumpscares are Cheap

Defeat the boss of the Haunted Mansion.

R'lyeh is Near

Defeat the boss of the DevilsReef.

Hot Stuff

Defeat the boss of Old Volcano.

Rock Hard

Defeat the boss of the Ancient Temple.

Welcome to Pixel Heroes

Lose all your heroes for the first time.

Hero in Training

Finish your first quest.

Nice Graveyard!

Lose 10 times.

Die like a Boss!

Lose 50 times.

Mass Grave

Lose 100 times.

The Humanity

Finish an adventure with an all-Human party.

Short and Sturdy

Finish an adventure with an all-Dwarf party.

The Blue Girls

Finish an adventure with an all-Skyborn party.

Be creative!

Finish 6 dungeons during one adventure.


Defeat three enemies with one hit.

Nuck Chorris

Defeat an enemy only with the fist.

Darkest Secrets

Uncover the dark secret of the casino owner.

Safety First

Finish an adventure with Herbalist, Priest and Brewmaster.

Brute Force

Finish an adventure with Fighter, Barbarian and Warrioress.

It's Magic

Finish an adventure with Enchantress, Shadowmancer and Skyweaver.

Riddle me This

Solve all four riddles of the enigmatic idols.

Living Punching Bag

Reach 500 HP with one hero.

The Pixton Horror

Defeat the inscrutable flying polyp.


Finish the final campaign without a hero dying.

Good Listener

Listen to all stories of the barkeeper.

Lucky Foot

Unlock a treasure chest with no more than 20% chance.

Don't Worry, be Happy!

Lead all citizens to maximum happiness.

Catch 'em All!

Unlock all hero classes.

Play all the Heroes!

Play at least once with each hero class.

Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Finish an adventure with each hero class.

Annoying Flies!

Escape the red flyswarm 4 times.

Perfect Duo

Enter a bossfight with two alive heroes and be victorious.

Lone Wolf

Enter a bossfight with a single alive hero and be victorious.