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Personal Achievements

Student Linguist!

Unlock 10 alien sentences.
0 / 10


Hug 30 aliens.
0 / 30

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Build a laser gun.


Finish the game without you or you followers hurting any living beings.


Finish the game without attracting the alien government to attack you.

We come in peace

Finish Chapter 1

New Friends

Finish Chapter 2

New Enemies

Finish Chapter 3

Stay there

Take out 6 enemies without killing them.
0 / 6

Master of disguises

Find and wear all eight disguises.
0 / 8

I'd buy that for a dollah

Buy 10 items from stores.
0 / 10

Save Anthony

Save Anthony before it's too late (in Notorious run).


Finish the game becoming notorious.


Use gestures to explain English 3 times.
0 / 3

Master Linguist!

Unlock 20 alien sentences
0 / 20

Kiss cam

Take a photo of an alien while they are kissing.

Brush your teeth!

Take care of your dental hygiene.

Just a fellow Entrulian here

Find a way to disguise yourself

So polite!

Unlock the 10 polite sentences.


Play through all of Chapter 2 as a skeleton.

Too cool for school

Have the sunglasses in your inventory by the end of chapter 3.

Save Kra

Save Kra from becoming Panasunyss (in Pacifist/Fighter run).