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Ooh, Peanut Brittle!

Discover an old Orcish trick.

Thanks For Nothing

Try to assist the Orcish Servant.


Help Alexandra of Blacksand meet an old friend.

Stabby Stabby!

Have no moral compass.

My Favourite!

Enjoy some Rat Gizzard Soup as Ellion G'Aarak.

Zagor's Finest

Leave the Orc Barracks in disguise.

Kill Jester

Well worth it, mate, well worth it.

Magic Feet

Safely navigate through the tiled room.

Totally Legitimate Career

Create an item in the alchemy lab.


Beat the Librarian at his own game.

Ashra the Ever-Living

As Lunika Ekaadi, find the Amulet of Ashra.

Shooting the Breeze

Speak to the Master of Air, Vincenta Kamino as Gilfane.

Goblin Surprise

How did they even fit in there?

Ask Questions Later

Murder two goblins in the Spider Tunnels before talking to them.

There's No Place Like Home

Wear a pair of red boots.


As Wanushu, subdue and capture the Giant Spider.

Helping Hand

Agree to help the frightened apprentice, Alendra.

Enjoy the View

Take in a picturesque view of Allansia.

Fess Up!

As Alfina Skyrider, find out the location of Malacandrus.

Make a Wish

Throw a Gold Piece into the mysterious green goo.

Handled With Care

Walk safely through the Hall of Hands.

Shining Sword

Transmute your weapon into silver.

Neanderthal Negotiator

Find a way out of the cavemen's cave without a fight.

Eye Don't Believe It

Claim the Eye of the Cyclops as Alexandra of Blacksand.

A Bit of Fright Reading

As Landov Lowan, recover the tome of demonology.

Allansia Idol

Help Hannabella Dehab discover the hidden Dwarven idol.

Holding a Grudge

As Lynette Hurtado, find the Dwarven warhammer, Durevendil's Grudge


Outwit skeletons with your conversational skills.

Made You Look

Become friends with the old man in the shack.

Losers Weepers

Take back Dekion Strom's stolen locket from the Goblin Jailer.

Team Malleus

Rid Malleus Malleus of lycanthropy

Aard Work

Wow, you carried the Giant Aardwolf Meat THAT far?

AB Positively Refreshing

Quaff an interesting drink.

"I'll Get It!"

As Krea Datura, fill Astragal's chalice with blood.

Father Knows Best

As Krea Datura, follow Gerlekus Zagor's advice.

Jeepers Creepers

Help Twenty-Three face his fears.

Genocide Run

...but nobody came.

Be More Specific

Experience an ironic wish from a genie.

Potion of Yuk

Discover a bottle with horrible contents.

Falconhoof Be Not Proud

Mathematically pathalogic.

Skip to the End

Retrieve the Four Hundred Scroll.


Help Arran Gottspeed train for the Trial of Champions by slaying a Minotaur.

Master of Magic

Use DiMaggio's hidden spell.

Domino Effect

Make it through the Grand Hall without using your weapon.

Say Cheese!

Throw a piece of cheese at Zagor and live to tell the tale.

For Honour!

Kill Grishak G'Aarak and reclaim Lin Wen-Wu's family sword.

Dust to Dust

Destroy the warlock as Kith instructed Alexandra to.

That's Impossible!

As Ellion, find and confront Grishak G'Aarak.

Building a Better Warlock

Become the new master of Firetop Mountain.

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