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Personal Achievements

Energizer Buddy

Collected all 100 crystals

Houston, we have a solution

Mission complete! You teleported a star seed home

Galactic Gardener

Collected all star seeds

Green Fingers

Grown 50 star shoots

Green Toes

Bounced on 50 spring leaves

Hang Time

Spent a total of 30 minutes gliding

Flower Power

Used 50 fall flowers

Where's Warble?

Find a warble creature

Redcow Robot

Freefall over 1000m and survive

You've got a bad altitude

Trigger over 100 altitude warnings

Underground, Overground

Discover all caves

Climby, Climby Robot

Climbed over 10000m on any surface

Rotisserie Chicken

Float a warble creature in an anti-gravity flower


Teleport with a meep creature

Five a day

Suspend 5 different plants in the tele-router device

Sheep dipper

Drowned 3 defenceless meep creatures. You monster!

Gas Leak

Accumulated over 10 minutes airtime using the rocket-pack

Triple Corkscrew

Have 3 star shoots growing at the same time

Shroom Trampoline

Combo a mushroom bounce for 2 minutes without landing


Glide under all the rock arches in the game

What, no zombies?

Make it through your first night.

Shaken, not stirred

Catch and collect a falling leaf glider in mid-air

Come fly with me

Take a Meep creature for a flight for at least 10 seconds

Venus in furs

Deliver a Meep creature to the jaws of the SNAPDRAGON plant

iiiiiiiinnnnn one!

Make the Torro creature fall down the hole in the cave

Investment Account

Complete the Data Bank sub mission