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Butter Fingers

Get caught taking too long in the bathroom.

Ice Fishing

Save the kid in the park.

Nobody Left Behind

Save all the kids in the Hangar.


Fail the breathing sequence with Carla.


Pass the interrogation as Lucas.

Brotherly Love

Save Markus

Seems Legit

Give Jade to the Purple Clan.

Never Gonna Give You Up

Refuse to give Jade to the Purple Clan.

Endless Summer

Good Ending

The Future Awaits

Orange Clan Ending

Winter is Here

Purple Clan Ending

Can't Take Anymore

Have Carla or Tyler lose all of their mental health.

Warning Label

Kill Lucas mixing pills and alcohol

White Men Can't Jump

Win the basketball game.

Forgotten Love

Convince Tiffany to stay.

Ace Cop

Impress Sergeant Mitchell at the shooting range.

Good Shape

Win the sparring match as Carla.