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Personal Achievements

Brother of Daedolon

Survive the Ziggurat

Practical lessons

Get your first level up

Applied student

Reach experience level 5

First of the class

Reach experience level 10

Smoke & Mirrors

Unlock all magic weapons

Jack of all trades

Unlock all perks


Unlock all character classes

My precious!!

Unlock all weapons,perks,lore & character classes


Find all lore scrolls


You reached 3rd floor. Now the real lesson begins.

Master of Magic

Equip a weapon of every kind

I'm too young to die

Die 10 times
0 / 10

Not too rough

Die 25 times
0 / 25

Hurt me plenty

Die 50 times
0 / 50


Get to floor 3 using only the magic wand (Apprentice class only)

Minions Must Die

Kill 1000 enemies
0 / 1,000


Kill 5000 enemies
0 / 5,000

Second to none

Kill all enemies at least once (including bosses)

Hands tied

Win the game without using any level up

Easy peasy

Reach floor 2 without getting damaged

Honoris causa

Reach experience level 15

One trick pony

Master a perk by getting it to level 5

A bull in a china shop

Break 2,000 things (Barrels, tombs...)
0 / 2,000

Relieve the pain

Kill 500 enemies affected with elemental states
0 / 500

Old pupils reunion

Win a game with every character (any difficulty)


Win a game on hard difficulty

So shiny!

Find your first amulet


Unlock all enemies in the bestiary

Head to head

Kill a Lost soul with the Skull of Xanatos

Jewelry box

Unlock all amulets

A walk in the park

Complete a challenge room

Intensive course

Win the game with Argo on Normal difficulty in less than 45 minutes

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