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Personal Achievements

Can't Touch This

Complete a mission without getting hit

Understand the Bug

Defeat 500 Space Bugs

Fall of Empire

Defeat 500 Imperials

Sea of Stars

Defeat 500 Void Raiders

Gone Rogue

Complete the game on Rogue difficulty

White Tusk Whittler

Destroy every segment on White Tusk's body

White Dust

Kill White Tusk in under 30 seconds

Mech Maestro

In Season 2, only defeat enemies while in Mech form

That Would Be Stealing

In Season 2 or higher, complete a Mission without collecting any Salvage

Sentinel Shmentinel

Kill a Sentinel within one second of alerting it

Escape THIS!

Kill a Sentinel by throwing it into Akamoto's Escape Pod


Destroy the Overpowered Sentinel using only grappled missiles

Speed Demon

Rescue Admiral Akamoto within 3'00"


Collect 5,000 Salvage in a single Season

Treasure Hunter

Collect every crate in every Mission in a single Season

Master of the Elements

Kill an enemy with each of the Elemental upgrades in a single Season

Cool As Ice

Shatter 25 frozen enemies

Pierced Hearts

Kill 3 enemies with a single pierce shot

My Shields Are Blown!

Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion

Eye of the Storm

Kill at least 3 enemies with a single spike spore without taking any damage

Shields Are For Wimps!

Deflect 20 shots with the Mech sword within 10 seconds

El Bugador

Shield parry 25 bug attacks

Is That All You Got?

Shield parry 3 attacks in a row from Uzzerach Nam without taking any damage

Feeding Time

Feed a grappled enemy to a cave spider

Vim and Vigor

Fully upgrade both health and shields in a single Season

Don't Mind Me

Complete a Mission without being noticed by the enemies at the warp point

Total Annihilation

Kill every enemy in a single Mission in Season 4

Missiles, Who Needs 'Em?

Complete Season 4 without using any missiles

You Should See the Other Guy

Complete Season 4 without acquiring any upgrades

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